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Zoho books is Future Ready, Are you?

The Significance of QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an accounting program created by Intuit whose products offer desktop, internet, and cloud-based accounting programs that can process invoices and business payments. The majority of QuickBooks’ customers are medium-sized and small enterprises. QuickBooks is well-liked by these consumers due to its simplicity of use and reporting capabilities.

Additionally, QuickBooks provides support features and other features including pre-authorization of electronic funds and employee time monitoring alternatives. Intuit also offers QuickBooks Online, a cloud-based service that enables users to access the program through a secure login by subscribing for a fee. Intuit frequently updates and upgrades its QuickBooks software.

QuickBooks is typically regarded as being simple to use and comprehend, even for business owners and users who lack financial or accounting knowledge. The accessibility of ready-to-use templates for the creation of graphs, company plans, invoices, and spreadsheets is another advantage of QuickBooks. Automating business owners’ signatures on business checks (which are scanned and uploaded for usage), can also help them save time and effort.

What are Zoho Books and why must you migrate?

Your one-stop shop for organizing transactions and handling accounting responsibilities is Zoho Books. It’s one safe place where you can manage all of your business’s bills and invoices, reconcile your bank statements, manage your spending, supervise projects, and forget about worrying about GST compliance.

Zoho Books is future-ready. Are you?

Understanding constantly evolving business trends, tax laws, cloud implementations, and other issues is essential to staying competitive. You may customize your accounting, grasp your financial well-being, and do everything else using Zoho Books to stay up to date.


Your financials are immediately and conveniently shown via the clear and straightforward dashboard of Zoho Books. Zoho Books’ intuitive user interface (UI) makes it simple to navigate.


With IP blocking, two-factor authentication, SSL, and other security measures, Zoho Books safeguards your privacy and security. Only the persons you permit can access your info. Learn more about the security and privacy policies of Zoho.


The goal of Zoho Books is to facilitate cross-platform communication for your business. Utilize built-in connections with other apps in the Zoho suite to expand your accounting with a library of more than 300 business apps through Zapier.


Zoho Books is made with robust features that safeguard your data and generate correct accounting results. You can count on the customer service staff at Zoho Books to help you utilize the service to its full potential.

How you may migrate from Quickbooks to Zoho books

It can be challenging to switch to new accounting software, especially if your current program gives you no other options. In addition to facilitating your move, Zoho Books gives you a hassle-free online accounting experience. Welcome to Zoho Books, and welcome to accounting reimagined.

Organize your Zoho Books account

You must ensure that your organization is set up in Zoho Books before migrating any data. Here is how to go about it:

  • Open your Zoho Books account and log in.
  • Select Organization Profile under Settings.
  • Indicate your organization’s information.
  • At the bottom of the page, click Save.

The addition of all the taxes that your company deals with is a crucial step in setting up your organization in Zoho Books.

To add taxes in Zoho Books

  • Open Settings and choose Taxes.
  • In the page’s top right corner, click the Add New Tax button.
  • Type in the tax name and rate.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose a tax type.
  • Press Save.

Similar to this, you can add Tax Exemptions and new Tax Groups (many taxes combined into a single tax) in accordance with your company’s needs.

Adjust Settings

To tailor your organization to your particular company needs, use Zoho Books’ Settings section. Click the Gear icon in the top-right corner of the page to access Settings. Here, make sure you:

  • Activate modules
  • Set Module Preferences

Activate modules

To manage transactions conveniently, Zoho Books provides several modules including Estimates, Timesheets, Recurring Bills, Debit Notes, and more. The ones required for your business can be enabled. This is how:

Navigate to Settings > Preferences > General.

Select the modules you would want to enable by checking the boxes next to the modules you need.

To manage your goods, Zoho Books includes stock adjustments and rudimentary inventory tracking. However, you can activate the Zoho Inventory add-on if you want a sophisticated inventory management tool that allows you to organize warehouses and create shipments.

You can also decide how to apply taxes to your purchases or provide discounts (if any) on the same page.

Click Save after finalizing all the settings.

Set Module Preferences

You can now set their preferences after enabling the required modules. Each module can be modified to meet your specific business requirements. How to do it:

Navigate to Preferences > Settings.

From the left sidebar, choose the module that you wish to customize.

There are numerous customizing options available for each module.

How YellowMonkey can help

We recognize that transferring your data to a new accounting system is difficult. As a result, partners of Zoho Books like ourselves provide migration support to aid you. You may quickly import your data from QuickBooks to Zoho Books and begin accounting.

Why US?

We are Accredited Partners of Zoho.

We are Certified Zoho Partners who provide unique Zoho solutions based on your company’s needs. We offer our clients integration, implementation, deployment, and support services.

A dedicated Delivery Team is what we have.

Your Zoho products and their implementation are managed by a specialized delivery and support team from DH Solutions.

Customized Solutions

To incorporate the kind of Zoho Product your firm requires, we enquire about, investigate, and assess your business performance and difficulties.

Extensive Experience

We have a lot of expertise integrating unique Zoho products into different business categories, which enables us to integrate the best for your organization.

We are a creative group of programmers, designers, and support specialists committed to giving you the web solution you require to succeed.

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