Zoho SalesIQ: Future of Customer Engagement

Start & simplify online customer engagements with Zoho SalesIQ for solutions & total satisfaction.

Hire Yellow Monkey to optimize sales, marketing, and support

Automate and manage essential processes

Enhance customer experiences for improved lead conversion & support

Bidirectional Zoho SalesIQ benefits

The various offered functionalities are useful to business teams and customers alike!

Instantly empower your business systems

Get Started with Zoho SalesIQ in a few easy steps with certified Yellow Monkey consultants to boost your customer engagements. Set up custom functions right off the bat using the intuitive interface for increased access & visibility.

Set up capabilities for high conversiononvert

Establish automated chat invitations & lead-capturing flows to welcome & evolve prospects as paying customers by configuring lead-generation capabilities. Define additional automation parameters to streamline lead capturing.

Offer on-time support every time

Deliver assistance and support quickly through Zoho SalesIQ tools to answer queries in real-time using auto-delivery of multivariate responses. Create and drive positive session experiences and customer satisfaction by further guiding customers smoothly through the sales process.

Discover actionable insights remotely

Acquire complete visibility of visitors’ site behavior data, support chat transcripts, and team performance on-demand. The entire data is multi-platform accessible to enable convenience during the optimization of strategies and taking key decisions.

Integrate popular tools & CRMs

We can make your CRM systems communicate with Zoho SalesIQ in real-time to build two-way data transfer of support chats, lead information, visitor data, etc. It ultimately assists your teams in using the unified latest information, which serves to help maintain resolute management.

Save resources round-the-clock

Harness automation capabilities to gather basic data before triggering routine answers to queries. Follow them with general information on respective subjects for solving basic customer problems. The complete flow saves workforce hours while addressing more queries within the day.

Stellar support stacks up

Offering personalized customer interactions consistently with immediate support helps to raise customer satisfaction. Delivering quality customer experiences, even to international customers using live translation, further increases retention/loyalty.


Extend market visibility to reach & communicate with worldwide prospects across borders using Zoho SalesIQ capabilities.

Personalize First Communication

Welcome visitors using multiple scenarios triggering automatically per specific user interaction at the correct time. Unique conversations can now begin effortlessly using configured auto-presented custom messages or visuals based on user interest and session duration.

Guide Users

Utilize the interests history and previous transcripts of prospects upon their revisits to respond with relevant communication when connecting with live agents. Let these specific insights be the starting journey for real-time communication.

Two-Way Integrations Assisted Targeting

Connecting Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho CRM and other systems enables syncing, adding, and accessing prospect insights seamlessly. The combined information can serve to deliver targeted promotions, emails, and the like, further managed by integrating Zoho Campaigns.

Track Performance To Reciprocate Value

Discover key insights (in your inbox) on prospects’ vital interests by measuring prospect behavior per scheduled parameters. Re-calibrate the marketing endeavors accordingly to provide worthwhile deals and services to grow sales & loyalty.


Obtain greater sales with innovative conversions of prospects through engaging customer experiences using Zoho SalesIQ.

Customizable Quick Chatbot Responses

Greet & answer queries and questions of visitors with relevant information so the sales team can help customers hands-on.

Develop Solutions-Centric Sale Segments

Quantify & guide leads based on intent, section interests, or questions to respective agents that can supply correct answers.

Connect One To One Instantly

Use the prospect’s Integrated CRM data when communicating or launch an audio call right away from the live chat button to convert the lead at the best time.

Configure & Assign Lead Ratings

Prioritize leads with a greater likeliness by using custom-scores & parameters, so live sales agents only connect with authentic prospects.


Zoho-certified Yellow Monkey experts are here to help resolve support instances quicker & without hassles.

Meet Customers Natively, Always

Converse with prospects & customers with real-time translation of chat to deliver the correct message at every point and time.

Reach Out Smartly

Let configured low-code chatbot respond with articles and address common issues before support agents connect live to handle resolution.

Integrate Digital Support

Add FAQs, Glossary, etc., to your Zoho SalesIQ, or connect it with help desk utilities so agents can live-manage customers. Screen sharing, audio call transfers, advanced monitoring, etc., are also in-baked for ease of use.

Mobilisten Enables Mobile Support

Grant customers the convenience of initiating live-chat conversations using Zoho SalesIQ proprietary-built application. (For iOS & Android)

Connect end-to-end business operations

Get all your business logistics in sync with your strategic commercial goals

Global industries trust Zoho SalesIQ

Yellow Monkey has helped companies across various sectors streamline their sales & support ops using our certified Zoho SalesIQ consultation & implementation services.


Bank & Financials Management


Manufacturing Management

Solar Industry Management



Travel Agency Management

Real Estate

Worldwide accessible support configured to meet your needs

Our Zoho Consultants & Developers can offer & integrate fully-scalable Zoho SalesIQ solutions crafted according to your requirements. It is further customizable to align with your internal processes & policies for ensuring maximum utility with no-compromise functionalities. Contact our Yellow Monkey team & discover more about our Zoho SalesIQ services & prices!

Our Testimonials

Yellow Monkey has helped numerous companies automate their essential business processes.

Our Zoho consultancy & migration services can do it for you too, and more!

"I found one of the best company where I can reply of their services. They have implemented my ZohoOne to automate my business process within the organization. Such a fantastic team with great support."

Shoeb Kabir Empowerpeople

"Yellow Monkey's team implement Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Creator, Zoho Inventory with power of Deluge programming for workflows and automation. They have done a great job for our organization."

Amer Zulfiqar Ethar Relief

"They have integrated our existing Unleashed ERP with Zoho Books, Zoho Invoices and manage all leads and contacts with CRM. We are very happy to have their Zoho implementation services for our organization"

Grayson Omans Phoenix LiDAR Systems, Inc.

"Yellow Monkey's team is such a very skilled and powerful knowledge about Zoho applications. We have worked with them more than 2 years and still continuing business with them. This will be long lasting relationship for sure."

Duane Calhoun Calhoun Properties Group, LLC

"I found them very goal oriented people when they serve best to their clients and that's the reason why we still continue working with them to manage our whole business workflows and processes in ZohoOne. Thank you Yellow Monkey's Team"

Louis Hyman Calhoun Properties Group, LLC

"I highly recommend Yellow Monkey to implement Zoho CRM for automation. They know very well what they do and that's the beauty of their skills with Zoho CRM, Zoho applications and API Integration. I have a great team working for my business."

Philemon Viennas Vuuple, Inc.

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