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Why engage a consultant from Zoho to make the transition from QuickBooks to Zoho Books easier?

Many businesses who switch to Zoho Books from another accounting system do so from QuickBooks  And the reasons for migrating to Zoho are clear, whether those businesses used QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop in the past is because of the shutdown of Quickbooks in India.  Well, it’s clear to us, at least. Others, who might not consider these issues as frequently as we do, may not see them as clearly as we do.

We’ll look at a few typical reasons for switching in this piece. Then, we’ll get into some things to think about before switching. Although we are discussing Zoho Books today, you may use this information with any software, Zoho or not.

Here are a few questions we frequently get when we inform our clients or potential clients that switching is an option:

If you already use QuickBooks Online, then why switch to Zoho Books?

Quickbooks to Zoho Books conversion

There are variations among cloud computing platforms. Companies frequently convert from QuickBooks Online to Zoho Books although QBO is a more recent platform because:

Many of the capabilities offered by QuickBooks Online are also offered by Zoho Books, plus more. Sales Orders are supported by Books, however, as of this writing, QBO does not. Additionally, Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory are natively integrated, adding features that make the two products more comparable to QuickBooks Desktop.

Zoho CRM and Zoho Books work together without any issues.

Although QuickBooks Online and Zoho CRM are integrated, any consultant worth their salt will tell you that a third-party integration is a system’s weakest point. With Zoho’s native interface, you can move data without any interruptions, and for businesses that have already selected Zoho CRM as their customer hub, shifting funds to Zoho Books looks like an even more logical choice.

Cheaper than QuickBooks Online is Zoho Books.

A useful comparison sheet is provided by Zoho Corporation to support this claim. Your business can save money using Zoho Books when additional users are added.

Zoho Books versus QuickBooks Desktop comparison

How is it possible for Zoho Books to compete with QuickBooks Desktop?

When put to the test, Zoho Books more than measures up to QuickBooks Desktop, which is a bit of a heavyweight in terms of capability (not to mention widespread use!).

Several businesses switch from QBD to Zoho Books for the following reasons:

Businesses have more freedom with cloud-based software than they do with on-premise software.

Many businesses would much rather outsource security obligations to a third party than assume any more risk themselves given the growth in data breaches. Zoho has received international recognition for using the most modern encryption available and taking this obligation extremely seriously.

With cloud-based software, upgrades to your accounting system happen instantly as part of your monthly recurring SaaS (software-as-a-service) cost rather than having to schedule and install them and pay through the nose for the privilege. That translates to less money out of your pocket because there will be no more planned downtime for maintenance.

Far more reliable connectivity between Zoho Books and Zoho CRM is offered than by QuickBooks Desktop. Similar to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop and Zoho CRM are integrated. However, adding a hybrid-cloud integration would inevitably put some load on the system as a whole. Third-party integrations, in general, are the weakest links in any system. In contrast, the integration between Zoho Books and Zoho CRM is native, cloud-to-cloud, and very immediate.

Finally, a firm can get almost as many capabilities from Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory combined as it can from QuickBooks Desktop.

Although it isn’t a perfect analog, utilizing Books along with Zoho Inventory brings the user’s experience considerably closer to QuickBooks Desktop. This covers managing inventory and shipments, using several warehouses, integrating an online store, automating workflows, and more.

What to take into account before moving to Zoho Books from QuickBooks

the process of switching from Quickbooks to Zoho Books

Changing over isn’t a plug-and-play process, despite QuickBooks and Zoho Books appearing to be identical. It necessitates extensive knowledge of QuickBooks, Zoho Books, and your team’s capacity to pick up new skills whenever necessary.

We advise assessing your own QuickBooks configuration before launching a trial of Books for anyone thinking about making the transition oneself. Then, you should go through each setting and test your ability to mentally recreate the QuickBooks configuration for your company. Pay attention when you encounter a situation that you don’t understand or that alters the way your firm conducts business; there probably will be some.

You’ll be able to decide then whether Books are the best option for you. Probably not at this time. You should still consult with your group to make sure you have their support, or at the very least, to reaffirm that your team of veteran employees is still capable of picking up new skills. Then, it’s time to start working really on your implementation strategy. You’ll require a project manager, a Gantt chart, and a strict timeline. A data flow model is also necessary to visually represent any new systems. This can help you stay on track with your ideas and allow anyone else in on the action.

The reality of migrating to Zoho Books from QuickBooks

Make no mistake if this looks like a lot  It is. Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of horror stories about Zoho deployment. And that’s not Zoho’s fault! Most firms simply cannot afford to stop what they are doing and spend all of their time learning a new software system, it is a fact. That holds for the characteristics, the effects on potential business, and the impact on workplace culture. Because many people simply cannot spend the time necessary for a project of this nature and still run their businesses, undertakings of this nature frequently fail.

Some even attempt to minimize losses by employing a Zoho expert. And that’s when most of our consumers usually locate us!

Why engage a consultant from Zoho to make the transition from QuickBooks to Zoho Books easier?

1. Migration from Quickbooks to Zoho Books

The benefit of using a Zoho consultant in these situations is that in addition to our ability to handle a project of this size, we have experience working on similar projects.

Furthermore, it does not imply that your implementation will be the same as everyone else’s. Instead, it implies that we are fully knowledgeable about planning and management and that we are aware of the questions to ask you regarding your company to ensure that your implementation is unique from others. In other words, it functions specifically for your company and its operations.

In this situation, once we are familiar with the specifics of your QuickBooks operations, we can assess how well they integrate with Zoho Books. From there, we can determine whether you’ll need just Zoho Books, Books + Inventory, or even something more tailored to Zoho. Even though all we’re doing is helping you set up an accounting system, the way the complete firm operates could be impacted. Therefore, when considering anything like this, we take a thorough approach that results in an Executive Summary paper where we lay out our project plan for you.

Once you accept our deployment strategy, we may move forward. As we begin to work for you, we meet with you for consultation sessions and various work approvals as the project progresses. Finally, you will have a Zoho finance system that is integrated into the business software network of your firm and is completely operational.

Are you prepared to learn how changing would benefit your company?

It takes work to transition from QuickBooks to Books. But that’s simply a talk; it doesn’t begin that way. To assist your Zoho system to become the best it can be, get in touch with Yellow Monkey right away.

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