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The most effective choice for moving from Quickbooks India to Zoho Books

Businesses urgently need to switch away from Quickbooks following its recent declaration that it would cease operating in India by the start of the following year (Access to Qucickbook Services in India Shall Not Be Available after 30 April 2023). Its parent company, Intuit, a world authority on business and financial technology, made the choice. The decision’s official justification has not yet been disclosed. Market analysts have, however, hypothesized that the struggle its rivals, both big and little, have encountered in India is likely the cause of this shutdown. This article’s objective is to recommend workable alternatives for Quickbooks India in addition to giving a thorough report on the closure notice.

The closing of Quickbooks has created more opportunities for India’s already thriving IT sector and industry. Over the past several years, the industry has seen a sharp increase in the number of small and medium-sized businesses offering a wide range of software-based services, products, and solutions. This increase in the number can be attributed to the government’s and Indian local and international firms’ encouragement of investment. A sizable gap in the SaaS industry would be left if Quickbooks withdraws from India’s digital market; effective competitors like Zoho are already moving to fill it.

Indian Quickbooks has been shut down

A product of the parent company Intuit, Quickbooks, declared that it would stop doing business in India as of January 31, 2023. The deadline was extended to April 30, 2023, after careful consideration of several pleas from its current clients in India. After the specified shutdown date, Quickbooks, the online accounting program geared toward small Indian businesses, as well as related goods and services, won’t be accessible.

If Quickbooks were to close, its website would likewise be completely shut down. It has requested that all of its clients in India “transition out” of its products and services in favor of those offered by other companies. In fact, it offers a list of some of its suggested substitutes on its main website. The decision to cease operations in India has not been adequately explained by Quickbook or Intuit.

Best Indigenous Alternatives to Migrate From Quickbooks

The demise of Quickbooks in India has opened up numerous prospects for local small and medium-sized businesses operating in the same sector, providing comparable goods and services, and anticipating soon serving the entire Indian business market. A list of officially recognized substitutes for its accounting, payroll, and business management goods and services has been provided by the accounting app itself. We have examined every option a quick book or intuit India customer may choose from after their services are discontinued in India. Among all the vendors of cloud-based accounting software, Zoho Corporation’s financial software suite appears to be the most complete and reasonably priced.

Why Switch to ZohoBooks From QuickBooks?

The closing of Quickbook in India has opened up numerous prospects for local small and medium-sized businesses in the same sector, which are eager to soon serve the whole Indian business market and offer the same goods and services as Quickbook. A list of government-approved substitutes for Quickbook’s accounting, payroll, and business management products and services has been provided by the company itself. See Quickbook’s suggestions as a replacement in the Indian digital industry in the table below. We have examined every option a quick book or intuit India customer may choose from after their services are discontinued in India. Among all the providers of cloud-based accounting software, the Zoho Corporation’s financial software suite appears to be the most complete and reasonably priced.

One such native competitor to QuickBook is the cloud-based accounting software ZohoBooks, which provides a number of services, such as the generation and billing of invoices, tax calculations, project management, payroll services, management of clients, customers, and bank accounts, as well as the provision of comprehensive financial reports for the company.

What can YellowMonkey do to assist?

YellowMonkey has been using Zoho Corporation’s extensive line of products, including ZohoBooks, Zoho CRM, Zoho People, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Assist, and Zoho Mail, for a very long time. YellowMonkey is a premium partner of Zoho Corporation.

As a Zoho technology partner, we have the ability to customize applications for a variety of industries. We Create Custom Apps For Businesses As The Top Zoho Consulting And Implementation. We have been using Zoho Software, our internal administration, and the services we provide to our clientele as an online legal service platform providing affordable tax and compliance services. We strongly advise its clients and customers to switch to Zoho Software after being astounded by its incredibly effective performance.

This is because we think Zoho’s products are wonderfully made, incredibly effective, and useful for running businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Along with assisting businesses in switching to Zoho Software, we also use Zoho Software to complete the full scope of accounting services that firms outsource to us. These include the Zoho Software-based monthly financial statement production, MIS, statutory reports, and return filing that firms outsource to us. We request the fundamental transactional information from firms in Google or Excel sheets for this purpose. In addition to assisting businesses with the transition from Quickbooks to ZohoBooks, our Professional Accounting team also designs workflows and reports that are specific to their requirements.


We are aware that switching accounting systems is a time-consuming and challenging procedure. We are here to make the procedure simple and less burdensome for you as a result. It is essential that you choose an alternative, nevertheless, because QuickBook operations will cease and its accounting services won’t be offered in India after 30 April 2023. Your firm would choose to use Zoho Software and its services because they are a comprehensive bundle. We are now assisting a number of businesses to enroll in Zoho and digitalize their accounting and payroll processes in order to potentially and considerably lower the costs and efforts associated with adhering to legal requirements.

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